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Welcome to linksave.in!

With linksave.in you're able to easily administrate, group and archive your one-click-host links.
Linksave.in is not hosting any files, instead it lighten the usage of one-click-hosts.

You can group all single parts of a shared hosted file and provide all users a single linksave.in link.

Also you're able to modify as registered user the links of a folder, if something happens to them. If you published your linksave.in link in the world wide web, all the single link changing is omitted. You just need to change the links inside your linksave.in folder. The linksave.in links stays the same.

You can decide how you want to offer your links. You could protect them with a password, offer them as direct links or combine direct links with link containers. Those containers can be downloaded with many download managers and saving your friends a lot of time.

You can also decide who you want to offer your linksave.in link:

You can just collect those links for yourself and administrate them or publish them in the Internet and grant anyone access to it.

Linksave.in does not show any lists of created links and respects your decision with who you want to share your links.

Just register for free and administrator all your files easily in the members area.
Gone are the days when you had to resubmit your links at friends and business partners after some archives changed.

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